About Truth Tapestry

My name is Sindee Ernst.  I am a writer, writing coach and writing enthusiast. My work has appeared in Tiny Lights: A Journal of Personal Narrative, Passager Journal, The Sun, The Urbanite Magazine, and Keeping Time: 150 years of journal writing.  I am also an Inspiration Certified Integrative Breathwork Practitioner.

As a memoir writer I encourage people to see that everyone has a story to tell, and that some of the greatest stories grow out of simple moments.

As an Integrative Breathworker, I work with people to use conscious breathing as one of many tools to heighten awareness for healing and transformation. This work helps people access some of the essential qualities of our being including: strength, peace, truth, love, energy, beauty wisdom, connection and joy.

Life stories have a way of revealing truth – and the ability to recognize and live from truth is one of the foundations of personal growth and the development of consciousness.  That is also integral to the experience of Integrative Breathwork.

The invitation of Truth Tapestry is for you to share what you know to be true, to find the nuggets of wisdom that have emerged from your life stories. Whether it brings you clarity, or makes you smile because it describes the essence of your experience, truth is a quality that brings insight, healing, illumination, creativity and wisdom to life. Serious or playful, out of pain, love, fear, or joy, I invite you to share your truths and read all of the other words of wisdom to be found in this Truth Tapestry.

This communal sharing joins my passion for the written word with my desire to support awakening in all beings.  Instructions for how you can offer your one-sentence truths to be shared on this site are found on the “How To Share Your Truths” page.  I hope that adding your words and reading the words of others bring you closer to the universal nature of truth. 

I also invite you to take the time to check out the offerings of Inspiration Consciousness School at: inspirationcommunity.org